Today the whole world is covered by the new coronavirus COVID-19, the doctors are taking organized measures against it. In particular, 15 coronavirus cases were registered in Tajikistan on April 29. Under the leadership of the Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon, the Government of the country from the first days of the announcement of the pandemic is conducting preparatory and preventive work throughout the country to treat patients and protect public health. Correspondent of NIAT “Khovar” Kholisai ASOMIDDIN in an interview with the Minister of Health and Social Protection of the Republic of Tajikistan Jamoliddin ABDULLOZODA learned about the diagnostics, treatment and measures taken against COVID-19.

— NIAT “Khovar”: Mr. Jamoliddin Abdullozoda, could you please tell us if there is enough medication now and how diagnostics and treatment of patients are organized in the country?  

— J. Abdullozoda: Today the country has enough medicines and protective equipment. Medicaments and protection equipment provided to the Ministry of Health and Social Protection are reserved. They are available in all medical institutions. There are institutions where medicaments are reserved for a month. Control over the distribution of medicaments provided to patients on time has now been strengthened.  The distribution of medical supplies is under the personal control of the Minister of Health and Social Protection.

Provision of medicines is based on the request of the chief physician of a healthcare institution. The distribution of medicaments is strictly recorded. In addition, the patient personally signs for each medicine in the register.

Currently, the Ministry does not have problems with medicines listed in the treatment protocol and they are provided by the Government. On the treatment of patients with coronavirus COVID-19 I can say that it is absolutely free, there are medicines that can not be obtained in pharmacies. In addition, the distribution of medication is entirely up to the doctor’s conscience.

As the Leader of the nation stated at the meeting with the heads and employees of the health care sphere, “Doctors should be faithful to their professional oath, prove their devotion at this difficult time for the state and people, and should not forget that the doctor should have a benevolent attitude towards the patients. As one of the important conditions of treatment is the warm speech of a doctor. We pay tribute to the round-the-clock efforts and concerns of doctors and, of course, we will pay tribute to them on merit. The Head of State said so.

— NIAT «Khovar»: In which cases should patients with coronavirus be hospitalized?

— J. Abdullozoda: The patient should be hospitalized on the basis of absolute figures. Before hospitalizing a patient, doctors must first check the level of oxygen saturation in the patient’s blood. The patient should be hospitalized in case of low oxygen saturation of the blood, body temperature over 38 degrees and suffocation. In the absence of absolute figures, the patient will be placed on outpatient treatment under doctor’s supervision.

— NIAT «Khovar»:  How do you assess home treatment? Can it give yield good results?

— J. Abdullozoda: Of course, it can. If the patient does not have absolute symptoms of this disease, his condition is easier, so home treatment is preferable to inpatient. When the patient is placed in hospital, anxiety and panic find a dwelling place in his soul. When the patient is treated at home under doctors’ supervision, he is calm and realizes that the disease is not so serious.

According to world practice, almost 80-85% of the infected are treated at home. Treatment at home does not require much medication. All that is needed is care and supervision. Antibiotics should be used in case of symptoms and infection of the body, as they, on the one hand, treat and on the other – reduce immunity. If the patient suggests that he has coronavirus and uses antibiotics without medical advice, it is wrong. Currently, there are several factors on which we can prescribe treatment. The main factors are the age of the patient, the presence of concomitant diseases and stress. Today, most people fall ill as a result of fear and panic. Fear and panic are the main catalysts of mental illness, a person can become worse off than as a result of contracting coronavirus.

— NIAT «Khovar»:  How many bed-spaces are reserved for COVID-19 patients?

— J. Abdullozoda: At present, the Ministry has no problem with the bed-spaces. There are more than 3,000 extra beds. In addition, all hospitals have enough spaces for patients. I should note that, fortunately, the number of patients is decreasing. The number of discharged patients is increasing day by day.

The Republic Medical College, which was visited by the Leader of the Nation, has 500 places with all necessary equipment. Even foodstuffs and medicines are reserved. At the temporary mobile hospital organized on the initiative of Dushanbe Chairman Rustam Emomali at the Bofanda Stadium, 350 beds with all the equipment, even with an oxygen line, have been prepared. The Ministry of Defence hospital had 75 beds, but in view of the reduction in the number of patients, we have mobilized the hospital’s doctors to other hospitals.

Now we try to hospitalize coronavirus patients in the “Shifobakhsh”, City Health Center № 1 named after Karim Akhmedov and medical complex “Istiklol”, because the specialists there are much more experienced.   According to the analysis, resuscitation departments work better in these institutions.

NIAT «Khovar»: Our health professionals already have some experience. Do health professionals analyze the causes and consequences of this disease? For example, who is most susceptible to the virus?

J. Abdullozoda: Yes, specialists from the Ministry and research centers have been studying the problems associated with the coronavirus COVID-19 since the first days.

According to statistics, a large percentage of those infected with coronavirus are between 40 and 60 years old. The main factor is related to immunity. People at this age are most often preoccupied with problems, taking care of their family and children.

It should be noted, that most of the deceased people suffered from hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity. After their death, we analyze, these signs always present.   There is no patient without these diseases. Medical scientists have found that those infected with coronavirus do not die so much from it, but from concomitant chronic diseases. We need to make sure that coronavirus, in the absence of other aggravating diseases, can be cured, in most cases without treatment.

— NIAT «Khovar»: What is the accuracy of COVID-19 tests?

— J. Abdullozoda: Tests do not always give a 100% guarantee. The accuracy depends on the method of use and the temperature of the device. After receiving the sample, it should be placed in the device for 75 hours. But there are situations when the device is at capacity  and the requirements are not followed which can lead to errors.

So we decided to increase the number of laboratories in the republic. There are now five laboratories in Dushanbe. It is expected that in the coming days, laboratories will also begin operating in the regions.


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