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The opening of district hospital #3 in Bobojon Ghafurov district

Today the Founder of Peace and National unity – Leader of the nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan, his excellency Emomali Rahmon has opened district hospital #3 with 120 beds in Haidar Usmonov village, district of Bobojon Ghafurov of Sughd province.

The President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Emomali Rakhmon, familiarized himself with the current state of the hospital, which consists of 4 branches and auxiliary units, and highly praised the quality of executed work.

Head of state Emomali Rahmon gave instructions and guidance to the responsible persons and specialists for the implementation of key tasks in the field of advanced health services for the population, timely prevention and treatment of various types of diseases. He emphasized that the health of the society is in the mainstream of the social policy of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan and, in this context, constructive initiatives in the country are being implemented so that people have access to advanced level of medical services.

Construction works at this hospital began in 2017 and attracted local workers and specialists to present good quality of work.

The hospital was built on a total area of 2 hectares with a beautiful modern design, consisting of 3 floors, basement, medical check department and treatment section.

In the basement of the hospital there are modern x-ray equipment and devices, laboratory and disinfectant and laundry equipment with good conditions, which further facilitates the quality of services provided.

For diagnostics and identification of diseases, successful completion of surgery and accurate cardiovascular diagnostic check, diagnostic of digestive organs, urinary system and treatment of infectious diseases, nervousness, childhood diseases and others, 81 units of modern medical equipment that are made in China, Germany and Japan were procured with over 1 million somoni. 30 highly qualified medical professionals are involved to provide service for the population at this hospital.

From the modern conditions of the medical services of the District Hospital 3, almost 42,000 residents of the nearest regions will benefit.

With the construction of the hospital, 30 people are provided with workplaces and good salaries. Doctors and specialists have the opportunity to diagnose and treat all types of diseases with the use of modern equipment in favorable conditions.

The section of herbal treatment, ancillary facilities, accepting patients, diagnosis and counseling, circumcision room, physiotherapy departments and surgical beds are located on the first floor of the hospital, and high-qualified specialists provide service to the public. On the second and third floor of the new building, apart from internal diseases departments, there are departments of adult and child surgeries with 40 beds and nervous disease and internal disease treatment unit with 40 more beds. With the use of modern equipment and highly qualified specialist it is possible to carry out all kinds of surgical procedures for adults and children and carry out timely treatment without interruption.