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August 18, the Day of the Medical Worker

Every year in the Republic of Tajikistan on August 18, the Day of the Medical Worker is celebrated. In 1995, the country’s parliament included the professional holiday of doctors in the list of public holidays, which is annually celebrated on the birthday of Hakim Abu Ali ibn Sino. Abu Ali ibn Sina is the greatest figure in the world of medicine. He is the author of over 450 dissertations, of which only 240 have survived. These dissertations cover all fields of science, of which 150 are related to philosophy and more than 40 are related to medicine. Every year in the morning of August 18 in the capital of the country – Dushanbe at the foot of the statue of Abu Ali ibn Sino a flower-laying ceremony is held. On this day, doctors commemorate the great merits of Ibn Sino in the field of medicine and praise his work. It should be noted that the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan always pay special attention to the development of health care, to ensure the material and moral condition of medical workers and carry out significant work in this direction. Health workers in Tajikistan work day and night to develop the sector and people’s health.

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