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Residents of the country were provided with free medical services in honor of World Health Day

The celebration of World Health Day, which falls annually on April 7, as in other countries of the world, was held at a high level in the Republic of Tajikistan. It should be noted that in order to celebrate this important date for public health, the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan has organized a number of festive events throughout the country.

Dedicated to the World Health Day in the Republic of Tajikistan under the slogan “Our planet, our health” consultations and examinations of patients were organized free of charge in all medical institutions of the country, including the State Institution “Institute of Gastroenterology of the Republic of Tajikistan”.

Favorable conditions were created for the reception and open dialogue of specialists with citizens in the yard of the building and in general, all the necessary facilities were provided for free consultations and examinations of residents.

Within the framework of this event, which was also held in cities and regions of the country, thousands of citizens of the country were examined free of charge, and highly qualified specialists in various fields of medicine provided useful advice and recommendations to citizens on disease prevention and treatment methods. In particular, specialists of the country’s health facilities conducted ultrasound, X-ray, mobile laboratories and laboratories to examine diseases of the kidneys, eyes, nerves, heart and lungs, lungs and respiratory tract, hypertension, diabetes and other diseases.

It is worthy to be remarked, that holding such an important event in the out-of-the-way parts, especially in the Republic of Tajikistan, calls on all doctors of the world to spare no effort to protect the health of the people and perform their duties with honor and sincerity. And finally, this day is an appeal to the people that health is a rare gem and, in any case, it is necessary to try to protect it.

It should be reminded that every year April 7 is celebrated as the World Health Day all over the world and it is celebrated every year under different slogans. At the suggestion of the World Health Organization this year, this date was held under the slogan “Our planet, our health.”

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